Vyaaja Daivangal

Lot of Gods and Godesses

Bharatheeya Samskaarathil Mathangalude Panku

good subject to disucss

Vidyaabhyasathile Nikshepam!

Invest in new generation –  it will pay back.

Pakisthanile Kalahangal!

Army, America and Arms

Abdulla Kutty UDF nu vendi pravarthikkum!

Raashtreeyam vyakthi paramo, atho aadarsha paramo?

Abhaya Case – The black and White

Pravasiyaakunna Malayali

Let’s Discuss it..

How to avoid waste?

Is this a good subject to debate?

Human trafficking gang busted in Dubai

There are Malayalees in this gang!…

‘Amma’ cradle (Ammathottil) welcomes 100th baby

Is Ammathottil a positive step towards Gender Equality?

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